Graaf Groot

This special exhibition hall is situated in the stunning environmental factors of Claverton Manor in Bath. The American exhibition hall was established to show American furnishings, enhancing expressions with a plan to improve a more prominent Anglo-American association. Telling a story extending from America’s most punctual pilgrim’s directly through to the twentieth century the historical center uses a wide range of techniques to show guests this intriguing theme. The exhibition hall is known for having various occasions during the year, for example, music shows and living history occasions of which individuals are free to take an interest in.

Shower Postal gallery

Opened in 1979 this gallery was initially situated in its proprietor’s storm cellar and a couple of years after the fact was fruitful to the point that it moved to a lot bigger premises. Showing the historical backdrop of the postal assistance and Baths significant postal connections the gallery is purportedly moving to much bigger premises again because of its extraordinary growing achievement.